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Cloud Based Digital Signage – Manage Your Screens Easily.

media cloud

Digital Media Cloud – Something For Everyone

While joining the mediaCLOUD, you simply get an extraordinary APP that allows building an elaborate Digital Signage or Kiosk presentation. We use advanced components like HTML web integration, Live TV, HD video, flash animations and much more.

mediaCLOUD Digital Signage network. You will get access to all that you don’t even have to pull out your credit card. The web has changed the flow of how people consume, share, discover and connect around content. Digital Signage based on SaaS benefits from all the same things we love about the web.

No need to worry about servers or complicated network maintenance, no expensive hardware to buy and best of all, your software is always up-to-date running the latest features and enhancements.

Media Cloud

The mediaCLOUD, also known as a Software as a service (SaaS) or “Cloud Hosting” has been creating quite a buzz around these days. You might be hearing the phrase for the first time but the technology is not something new. Cloud hosting benefits the users from various angles.

The commonly known advantages of digital signage are scalability and cost efficient. Digital Signage and cloud computing is a marriage made in heaven. With digital cloud computing, we can handle all your technical work while you focus on your business strategy and sales.

We are here as a cloud computing. When you use services like Gmail, NetFlix or Salesforce you are essentially already taking advantage of the cloud, without worrying about what’s happening in the background. So why not use the same cloud model for Digital Signage. That’s the idea!